Core Values

Mission Statement

To offer jewelry that exceeds customer's expectation in quality, design and service. 

Customer is our Priority

Customer is Eurothai Argento's top priority. We proactively strive to provide our customers with excellent service in terms of product quality, distributing products as well as communicating with our customer's needs.

Continuously Improve

Eurothai Argento is competent and proficient. We are committed to continuous incremental improvement because it is an ongoing effort to ensure that we are always working efficiently and effectively to serve our customers the best. 

Exceed Expectations 

We devote ourselves to go above and beyond of what customers expect from us by delivering customer's needs. 

Act with Integrity

Eurothai Argento believes that upholding integrity is one of the aspect to help foster a positive work space while making decisions ethically.


We encourage our staffs to collaborate with each other in order for everyone to contribute their talents, skills and knowledge which leads to a higher rate of achievement.